Fad diets don't work.

Neither does counting points, weighing or measuring your food, or eating pre-packaged meals out of a box. WHY? Because lasting change requires that you learn how to eat in the REAL WORLD. Like grabbing a quick lunch during the day, or dining out with friends, while traveling for work, or just making a normal meal at home.

If you get this then you'll get The Food Fix.

Developed by renowned nutritionist Heather Bauer, The Food Fix is the battle-tested weight loss framework that enables you to succeed in ANY situation - and for the rest of your life.


Heather's 28-day healthy eating & weight loss program for those that need a plan but don't need guidance & support.


  • Heather's complete step-by-step plan

  • 28-day video course

  • 28-day meal plan.

  • 50+ healthy & delicious recipes

  • Shopping lists w/ over 100 Food Fix Certified products

  • Dine out/order in guides for virtually every cuisine

  • Recovery strategies to help you get back on track if you fall off


Heather's healthy eating & weight loss program w/ 28-days of live online coaching & support to help you get on track and stay there for good!


  • Everything included in the DIY plan, plus…

  • 28-days of live, online coaching and support from Heather

  • Personalized goal setting analysis

  • Daily food logging w/ feedback

  • Private weekly check-ins and progress monitoring

  • Access to Heather's private support group

  • The Food Fix Fit 28-day exercise program


One-on-one coaching with Heather. The ultimate in service and personalized diet. Conducted via phone or video chat.


  • Heather's proprietary personality /preference profile assessment

  • A custom diet and meal plan that matches you, your routine, and your tastes

  • The professional coaching and support you need to get on track and stay there for good.

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customer reviews

Love the program. Have maintained a 12 lb weight loss since I did the plan last year. Have really changed my eating habits. Thank you for everything!!
— Pam
Heather Bauer taught me how to eat to live instead of live to eat. She has changed my life,
— Erica J.
This has been an excellent program! I have lost 5 pounds—an absolutely huge accomplishment for me. Thank you—this has been great.
— Penny C.
I have been having excellent results with the Food Fix. As a 63 year old I was up to 250 lbs. I signed up. I didn’t wait for the online classes to start, I just got going, wanting to do no more damage during the holiday period. I have lost 14 pounds so far and have developed many healthier habits. Thanks for the help.
— Ron E.
Feeling great! Down 4.5 lbs — huge for me as I’ve struggled to lose over the past couple years...Thanks so much for a great (and realistic) program!
— Pam F.
I’m feeling so good and only day 3!
— Rebecca A.
Heather’s advice on how to lose weight is right on the mark!
— Doris D.
I think the program was so well done and after feeling like nothing was working for awhile it was so refreshing to see how you don’t have to be miserable if you have the right balance. It is the best I have felt in so long ! I love the choices and the recipes! Reminded me how important fiber is!! I feel so much lighter and have lost 5 lbs!!
— Anonymous Assisted Program Participant

***Individual results may vary***