How to Order a Healthy Meal at ANY Japanese Restaurant

Heather Bauer, RD CDN

Heather Bauer, RD CDN

Imagine if you could have a nutrition-angel on your shoulder every time you head to a Japanese resto? Now you can! Welcome to The Food Fix. Here's what I recommend:


  • Miso soup (if you are not salt sensitive)
  • Mixed green salad with half a serving of the ginger dressing.


  • Chicken or salmon teriyaki with double steamed veggies (no rice) 
  • Six-piece maki roll with four pieces of sashimi
  • Six pieces of sashimi and a side order of oshitashi (spinach). 


  • Dishes described as Agemono or tempura, both of which are deep fried
  • Spider, dynamite, spicy rolls, and eel. 
  • Sushi rolls made with cream cheese and too much avocado


  • Look for rolls wrapped in cucumber instead of rice (naruto style).
  • Edamame usually comes salted it is soy beans, so this works best for vegetarians or slower eaters who will only have a few pieces.
  • You can also always sub the rice in a hand roll for cucumber.
  • Always request lite soy sauce and add wasabi and ice cubes to help dilute it and no refills. 
  • Eat with chopsticks to help slow you down.
  • Be careful with sake. It is more calories than you think. Six ounces of sake is about 240 calories versus 150 calories for six ounces of wine.

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Heather Bauer

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