Do You Actually Know What You're Talking About When You Say 'GMO'?

What's the deal with GMO? This acronym has been flying around the food world and many of us don't even know what those three little letters actually stand for. GMOstands for genetically-modified organisms. These are plants and animals that have had their DNA modified in a lab. There are people on both sides of the GMO coin, those that they say GMOs will save the world's food supply and others that say they are too risky to our health. Many new organizations, such as the Non-GMO Project, are on a mission to at least increase awareness of what foods include GMOs through food labeling. If you're looking to hop on the non-GMO bandwagon, here are some of my favorite non-GMO products on the market. And below, the good, the bad and the facts about GMOs.

Jared Gibbons

Squarespace designer located in Columbus, Ohio.