You Can Eat Well and Enjoy Your Vacation

It's summer-time and the livin' is easy -- so naturally it's time to take a few precious days off and kick up your feet. Even if your schedule is crammed with BBQ's, kids' swim practices and a multitude of other events, life moves slower in the summer and most of us save up our carefully coordinated vacation time for a few glorious days out of town. Whether it be just a weekend getaway or a "bucket list" worthy adventure, summer is universally a time for traveling. AAA says over 40 million Americans got-away from home for the July Fourth weekend alone. But despite being in the thick of bathing suit season, the inevitable war-cry of "screw it! I'm on vacation!" could wreak havoc on your eating habits long after the suitcases are unpacked. I've got some great ideas for you that will ensure that sticking around town in the sticky weather isn't the only way to cure a case of the vacation induced regrets. Read up on my tips and recommendations and you'll always be prepared to have both a happy and healthy vacation!

Jared Gibbons

Squarespace designer located in Columbus, Ohio.